Miops Trigger Test Shot

I'd like to start off by saying this is not a paid post or review of the Miops Smart trigger. I received no compensation and bought this trigger without any assistance from the company. I just bought the trigger and used it once and thought I'd share my experience with you because it was that awesome. This is a first impression type review, once I get to use this thing a little more I'll be doing a more in depth review with the modes, etc.

First, let me give you some specs and stats on the trigger itself. This thing has a lightning, sound, laser, timelapse, HDR, and scenario modes so its capabilities are insane. You can control it with your smartphone as well but I used the quick set up and damn. It was so insanely easy to set up. Like, so easy I was questioning if I was missing something. It has a rechargeable battery but it says that it can last up to five days of continuous use on a single charge. That's pretty insane honestly.

So, lets get into the good stuff. Simply put, the Miops Smart Trigger is amazing. I follow several different NASA and Space X photographers on Instagram and I'd been seeing this trigger floating around. They of course use it for rocket launches and things of that nature. I also follow a few different storm/lightning photographers which also had a driving factor for me to seek this trigger out. Mostly because, since moving to Florida I've become to realize that the storms down here are insane. Lightning is abundant and I've always wanted to grab some really cool lightning photos. The tipping point for me and the Miops was driving home from Orlando one evening and I saw possibly the largest lighting spread of my life and I was like, "Yup. It's time to order."

I'd had the trigger for a couple weeks at this point and I was able to get out and grab the shot you see below. It was a test shot and not the best storm to work with but...there was lightning and I wanted to try it! I was pretty pleased with it but there's so much more I want to do with this thing. I'm excited to see what other projects and ideas I can come up with using this Miops and its functions. Seriously, if you're looking for something along this line for your photos, and you want to pick up a Miops Trigger for yourself feel free to visit this link! Here you can choose your camera whether it's Nikon, Canon, Sony, etc. There's something for everyone!

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Oh! Also, be sure to tag me in your photos on Insta. I love seeing what everyone creates and the types of shots you get.

Miops Trigger Test Shot

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