Hello, my name is Ryne Dickens! If you didn't know, that's me to the left. I am the one man show here at M81 Media.

If you'd like, you can learn more about me, my educational background, my passions, really random facts and more by clicking the link below. But for now..lets learn more about the company! If you've been browsing around on the site before coming to this page you might be asking yourself...what in the world do you do?

Why M81 Media?

Why the name M81 Media? Well, I wanted to offer something more with my passion and skills in photography, business solutions, social media management, etc. I really wanted to make something more than [My Name] Media, or [My Name] Photography. I just think that is a lazy and quick solution without putting any thought in. I wanted the name to reflect myself, so I came up with M81. Let me explain.

So, the name is based off of the stars. The "M81 Galaxy" to be exact and it is a large active spiral galaxy just around 12 Million light-years away in the Ursa Major Constellation. It has been said to be one of the most studied and observed galaxies by professionals because of its size and proximity to earth. I have always been infatuated with space, stars, and the universe. I have big goals, big dreams, and big ideas....so I thought what is bigger than the universe?!

So What Is M81 Media?

M81 Media is a multi-media company currently based in the Orlando, Florida area. It started out as a fairly small photography company/ creative outlet in late 2014.

M81 got its start in the action sports industry, Motocross to be more specific. Growing up racing motocross, this is just part of who I am personally. This progressed M81 into larger event photography, writing, and just continued to progress creatively with many different types of projects. These days, M81 photo work has expanded into many different fields and projects. You can read more about these different services and projects on the Photography Services page here on the site.

When you work with M81, you'll see why I enjoy small businesses and why I enjoy working with them. I understand the struggles of a small business and just wanting someone to help. I never used or hired an agency but being involved in this type of work, I know the name  and reputation that they have.

Which is why I wanted to start M81 Media. I wanted to step outside of those stereotypes and show that marketing, especially social media marketing doesn't have to be a huge headache. Social media can be an intimidating place for small businesses, even more so if you don't know what you should do. This is where I come in.

I believe that M81 is different because I'm relatable. I'm not afraid to tell you what is wrong with your current efforts but this is all in the scope of trying to help the efforts. This is partly because I do keep up with current trends in the industries and can recommend things as they happen to increase your brands voice.

Speaking of brand voice, you can trust that I will represent your brand to the fullest and take on the brands voice (or give it one) when handling your online accounts.This is something I am very passionate about because it effects my reputation just as much as your businesses. This is something I believe also helps M81 differ because it puts us in this together.

M81 has since progressed into offering a multitude of Digital Services for small to medium businesses. M81 gets its passion for small and medium businesses because it understands how much hard work that goes into them. Small business resonates with me because they just have certain feel about them, a sense of community, pride and customer service that is hard to find other places.

The purpose of M81 was to provide some of those same feelings to the small businesses from a small business. This is the reasoning behind the quote on the front page, "Big Firm Value, Small Business Feeling." With M81, I wanted to provide you and your business with the value and results you'd expect from an agency but the close personal feeling of a small business, all while having a very strong focus on customer service for your customers.

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