M81 Media FAQ's

Alright, I understand that you will likely have some questions regarding myself and my services here at M81. While I do encourage you to reach out to me personally so we can discuss what it is you want or are looking for, I have compiled a list of questions that might help you out here.

Business / Digital Services FAQ's

I have been dealing with social media (in a business atomosphere), online marketing and management for the last 6+ years. I also have a Bachelors of Science Degree in Internet Marketing from Full Sail University.

Basically, with this package your social media accounts will be created or revamped for successful use. I will create all of the proper banner images, icon photos, profile photos, etc. that will resonate with you brand so you are sure to stand out and look professional. This includes creating/adjusting all of the proper banner images, icon photos, profile photos, etc. that will resonate with you brand so you are sure to stand out and look professional.

Well, having an online presence is extremely important, especially in this day and age. So, Curation simply means I will be doing the proper research needed to find content to provide your audience that is centered around your business/industry. Creation means just that, creating original content for your audiences. You are also highly encouraged to send me all the photos, videos, etc. that you might have in order for me to get it in front of your audience. *If you do not have a ton of this sort of media to share it's okay, the research I do will provide me enough to get your online presence going and start engaging your users.

Absolutely not. I do not provide services to purchase you followers and here's why. Buying followers does not grow your business in any way. There is no trackable data from doing this. Sure it makes your Instagram, etc. seem large, but that's just it, it makes it SEEM large when it really is not. It's a vanity metric that will ultimately hold zero value. The followers you purchase will not be engaged, will not interact with ads, and most likely won't even be in your target audience. Not to mention, it is also really easy to tell when accounts have bought their followers and that just makes your accounts look bad. If you'd like to read more on my thoughts on this, you can check out this article Why Buy Followers?.

Well, in short, yes it does take more time. No one ever said this type of thing happens over night. It takes work and effort to gain a meaningful following for your business. Especially in this day and time. You need to have an engaging social presence before people will follow your page. You need to provide value and a place your followers want to visit. You're building a community around your image and your brand. This is not a place to "sell,sell,sell" it's a place for value and engagement to show you care.

Photography Related FAQ's

As I have mentioned on the site, I come from an action sports background. I am used to fast paced, quick thinking, in the moment photography. I really enjoy capturing images that are out of the ordinary or something you wished you could see again. I have found this works well for most of my workings. Sports, action, etc. Other forms of my photography sessions will be candid style, hoping to catch you in a natural element. These are memories that are going to last forever, and I feel capturing the "in the moment" emotions makes an awesome photo. Portrait sessions will obviously have some of the traditional style posed photos as well.

Basic editing is included in every package. This includes cropping, color correction, removal of objects (within reason) in the backgrounds. If you would like extensive editing we can discuss that further, as that would require a fee.

Every package allows you the right to print the images for personal use. However, you do not have the right to print, sell, or publish the images for profit or promotion without permission from M81 or purchasing the full rights to the photo.

Well, I have a couple options for you here. If you would like, I can submit them to an online gallery, where you can view and download your images for print via a private link. OR, for a small extra fee I can provide you with a USB drive of your completed images. You can generally expect a link of the sessions within 2 weeks. (Other sessions may take longer, this is a rough estimate on what type of session it is)

I generally do not give out my RAW files. They are an unfinished product in my eyes, so they are not included in the packages. If you really want them, we can discuss that but there will be restrictions and an extra fee.

After we talk through email or phone conversation to fully understand what you want, you will be given a contract and deposit amount. I require 40% of the balance to reserve your spot in my schedule.

The deposits are non-refundable, because I scheduled a session time frame, or portion of the day for you. You can however use that for a future session if you wanted.

Depending on the style of shoot, some after rain photos can look really awesome! However, if it is calling for rain the entire day we can discuss rescheduling to a better date for everyone.

I do allow a 15 minute window if you are running behind. After the first 20 minutes there will be a $20 charge. Then every additional 20 minutes after.

Specific Questions?
No worries! Just contact me!