Maximum Destruction Tom Meents
I'll just dive right in. Last month I got the cool opportunity to shoot some photos of Monster Jam as the series rolled through Orlando. I was going to this show anyway because I just love Monster Jam but it was a rad shot to get my camera safely into the building and take some photos.
Ever since I was a kid I've loved going and this was my chance to see a big stadium show. I mean come on, it's big loud trucks smashing cars, sending jumps, and just destruction all around. What's not to enjoy about that?!
It's crazy to see how many toys and stuff they have now for these things. When I was growing up they were SO hard to find. My parents literally went to different states looking for truck toys. Psht, if you found a Grave Digger one...done deal, you'd better buy it right then.
Anyway, the show was awesome as expected. I was only allotted a certain amount time at the beginning of the show for photos, but once I got back to my seat I was able to just enjoy. Quite a few cool saves, gnarly back flips and some really big jumps. Always keeps you on the edge of your seat that's for sure. If you've never been to one and you love motorsports - or even if you just want to experience something new- Monster Jam is one to put on the list.
Enjoy a couple photos below and thanks for reading! You can follow M81 on all the socials to see more photos such as these and other random adventures I go on and do not write about right away.
(Pro Tip: Imagine this last photo as: a 1500 Horsepower Monster Truck coming off the starting line and you can feel it in your insides)
Monster Jam Grave Digger
Monster Jam Monster Mutt
Maximum Destruction Tom Meents Monster Jam

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