Florideah Swamp Fest Moon

Wow, where to even start! Florideah Swamp Fest was insane. That's really the only way to describe it. Swamp Fest was true bmx. Trey Jones did a seriously awesome job putting on the event.

It was such a rad day, they had all kinds of events going on. The park session was first and it was insanity, haha! There was so much happening it was almost hard to keep up. There were just so many badass tricks going down. You didn't know where to look honestly. Everyone was cheering and going nuts but you could pick multiple guys on the course that it was for it seemed like!

Florideah Swamp Fest Jam

Florideah Swamp Fest Wall Ride

Florideah Swamp Fest Park Jam Slam

Corey Martinez Florideah Swamp Fest

Then, you moved over to the Subrosa Swamp Rail. Which..I'll just say I'm glad I didn't have to do it but it sure got the crowd going. It's hard to get a feel for just how nasty that water was through description or images so I won't even try, haha! Just know there were countless beers in the water as well. The crowd in the first couple rows surrounding the swamp got just as muddy as the guys falling it with all the splashing going on.

Florideah Swamp Fest Subrosa Swamp Rail

Austin Augie Florideah Swamp Fest

Austin Augie Swamp Fest Swamp Rail

Then, obviously Best Trick was awesome. The guys were hitting these kicker ramps that were sending them...I don't know...15 feet in the air? Maybe? I don't know the distance but I do know they moved the ramp back pretty far. Far enough to where one guy told me he couldn't clear it. He said his gearing maxed out and he just couldn't go fast enough. Literally the next jump after he said this he goes and throws a back flip off of the jump. Yes, he had to bail out, hahah. There were a lot of slams at the Best Trick but no one was actually injured which is always a plus. FYI, this first pic...is never where you want to be on the way back down.

Swamp Fest Flip Bail

Swamp Fest Best Trick Bail

Florideah Swamp Fest Best Trick

Swampfest Heel Clicker

Then finally, they all moved over to the dirt jumps, which for me is always cool to watch. These jumps had a bit of a twist, in the sense of if you went off the side or couldn't make them at the beginning you were likely going to land in a pool of water. I'm definitely glad we went, I'll definitely be back there next time to watch again.

Florideah Swamp Fest Tabes for Babes

Florideah Swamp Fest Sunset

Thanks for reading along and checking out the pics, you can find more pics over on the M81 Media Facebook page, as well as over on the M81 Instagram.

Can't wait for the next adventure, so until next time...Peace!

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