Gator Land Orlando Florida Jumparoo

So, we knew that when we got to Florida, Gatorland was going to be a destination as soon as possible. We finally got the chance to go and damn what a time! My wife got taken up on the "stage" for the Close Encounters show and she had to close her eyes and then they put a tarantula in her hand. I would have lost my shit and thrown the thing when I opened my eyes probably. Which, I honestly thought that's what she was going to do, hahah! She played it off like a champ though and now she has no reason to have me "take care" of spiders she sees. Seriously though, it's such a cool place to go. If you're visiting the Orlando area this is definitely a place to put on the list.

I should say though, we love gators, but it's still just an awesome place to check out. We became annual members! If you go make sure you check out all the shows they have, Close Encounters, Gator Wrestlin' and the Jumparoo! Jumparoo was obviously my favorite just because you get to see the gators "jump" out of the water to get the food. Pretty rad.

Anyway, enjoy some of the photos below from the adventure!

Until next time, PEACE!

Gator Feeding Time
Gatorland Swing and Miss
Big Boy Gator Jump
Baby Gators
Warning Big Gator
Gator Land Orlando Florida Jumparoo

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