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Social Media Management is a big umbrella term, with a lot of hats being worn. One thing for certain, is that social media marketing is easily the best way for a business to raise their brand awareness by creating small communities and increasing interest in their products. Why is social media so powerful or "easily" the best way? Honestly, it's because it is such a huge part of our everyday lives. It will only continue to influence and grow as time goes on. Ask yourself, how many days go by where you, or someone around you, doesn't check their social media. Come up with many yet?

Unfortunately, most businesses fail at this because it takes so much time to stay up-to-date on it. Because time is so important when running a business, this key aspect is often ignored. This is where M81 comes in! At this point, you need someone there to respond to your consumers, engage with them, educate them, and so much more. These types of tasks is a step in social media management that really ties into another service from M81, Reputation Management. This is because, it is truly mind boggling how quickly things can spiral out of control online, you need to be there to manage the situation. You can read more about that part of the pie from the links below.

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Social Media Management also includes other things like, the creation (if you do not currently have these accounts setup), monitoring and optimizing your social media advertising campaigns that target potential customers to A) connect with your brand or B) go to your website or C) drive sales. - Check out our page on Facebook Ad Campaigns for more information on why targeting is so crucial and how things have drastically changed in the last few months.

M81 takes the time and consideration to create and curate the best content and strategies for your social media outlets. You can look forward to having content surrounding your business or industry that informs your users as well as engages and inspires them to keep them coming back. Part of proper social media management in my eyes is doing the proper research about your company and industry enough so that I can provide you with that relevant content your users will interact with. I do this studying for your industry in order to produce relevant content for your audience, and you can focus on the business and the tasks you need to operate smoothly.

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