Content Creation and Curation

What is Content Creation?

Content creation is just that. Creating content online for your users to interact with. Online, content is king. Think about it, you're likely on social media, why do you follow the accounts that you do? Why do you sign up on the newsletters that you do? Because of their content. You enjoy it, it educates you, and you are excited to see it everyday and you engage with it.

Well What Is Content Curation?

The problem with creating valuable content every day is is hard. You can't always create content that is pure gold to your followers every day of the week. You're only one person, and honestly I am only one person too. You can probably fill up your socials a few times a week with purely created content but you obviously cannot just update your social pages a few times a week and expect there to be any sort of traction, you need a steady stream of content.

This is where curation comes in. It might not have been created by you, but it can still be extremely valuable because it still comes from you. You have essentially done all the work for your followers. You might follow 50 blogs and industry insider newsletters, then you've picked out content that you feel would resonate with your users and share it. You've saved them time, which I don't have to tell you how important that can be these days.

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