Aug 11

The Adventure Series: Space Museum In Germany

German Space Museum

Yup! I got to experience a space museum in another country! (Deutsche Raumfahrtausstellung Morgenrothe-Rautenkranz e.V.) It was kept kinda quiet from me for a while but ultimately I found out just before we pulled in, haha! I was so pumped to see what it was like. I’ve been to the space museum multiple times in […]

Mar 19

The Adventure Series: Monster Energy Supercross – Tampa

Justin Hill Sending It

Damn, am I really behind on getting this one out.Which is bad because I was really excited about it all. I mean come on, it’s Monster Energy Tampa! I would say that I just got busy and this particular article got pushed to the side for a couple weeks but…no excuses! Let’s dive into […]

Feb 2

The Adventure Series: Project Monster Jam

Maximum Destruction Tom Meents

I’ll just dive right in. Last month I got the cool opportunity to shoot some photos of Monster Jam as the series rolled through Orlando. I was going to this show anyway because I just love Monster Jam but it was a rad shot to get my camera safely into the building and take some […]

Jan 22

The Adventure Series: ULA ATLAS V


Where to start, where to start. It was always a goal of mine to watch a shuttle launch. Then they got rid of the shuttle program. (Boo.) Then I got to see the shuttle fly over my house when I lived in Northern Virginia as it went to the Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center, which was […]

Oct 10

The Adventure Series: Augustusburg Castle and Motorcycle Museum – Germany

German Church and Sky

So, we recently returned from a quick trip across the pond to Germany! This was my first time out of the country so it was quite the adventure. It went very smoothly honestly, mostly because of my travel buddy (my wife) getting everything set up and scheduled but the trip part was cake! It was […]

Aug 29

The Adventure Series: Meteor Shower

August Meteor Shower

You know, it’s a real bummer when you have been excited about the opportunity to catch a meteor shower and then the night it happens, clouds are everywhere. This was the case for me a few weeks ago. Despite some needed traveling, the goal was to leave late and catch the meteor shower before heading […]

Jul 17

The Adventure Series: Washington, D.C. July 4th

Washington D.C. July 4th

Ah yes, Washington D.C. July 4th shenanigans. Every year I try to make an adventure out of July 4th. An adventure in the sense of finding a new spot somewhere in D.C. to see the fireworks and grab some photos/a new experience. In doing this, every year I almost always come out of it with […]