Website Building

So now you're looking to make your website look as exciting as you are about getting your products or message out! I've used and seen many forms of site building but Shopify is by far my favorite. With Shopify I feel like I can really transform the look of your site and your business. Shopify offers free or paid themes, which really allows me to work with what you need for your budget. So don't worry, I won't be trying to sell you on the most expensive theme or the most expensive apps. If you've never tried Shopify you can do so with a Free Trial, which we can discuss upon your contact with me!
Shopify Highlights:
  • Shopify is the world's fastest growing commerce platform with over 100,000 active global retailers
  • You can sell online, offline and on-the-go using Shopify's powerful technology
  • You can use your own domain name
  • You can sell gift cards and generate coupon codes
  • Use the integrated blogging platform to create blog posts for your consumers
  • Process credit card payments directly through Shopify, or other gateways like PayPal
  • Process in-store purchases with Shopify POS if you have a brick and mortar business
  • Process purchases with your smartphone using Shopify Mobile (I personally use this for events which links to your dashboard and still monitors inventory)
  • After me, receive 24/7 onboarding and technical support from Shopify regardless of the plan you choose
  • Excellent built in SEO
  • Easily access eCommerce analytics
  • You can rely on fast servers, and industry leading response times
  • Secure customer data with PCI Level 1 Compliant Checkout
  • Sell unlimited Product SKU's
  • Finally, Shopify is always adding ways for you to sell easier





 - Complete Shopify Store Setup

 - Custom Design & Layout for Your Store

 - Mobile Responsive

 - Shopify App Installation & Setup
 - Functionality Customization  - Product Loading
 - Payment System Integration  - Product Variants
 - App Integration  - SEO Enhancement
 - 3rd Party App Setup  - Product / Collection Setup



These are all based off of what you want in your package. Your basic setup might not need/include all of this, and your full setup might need a little more attention to detail.

Once you contact me with your project we will narrow down all the details and get you setup with the project you need/want!