What Does It For You? How Do You Find Your Productive Zone?

What Does It For You? How Do You Find Your Productive Zone?

December 11, 2017

Just like the title says, this post is about what it is that gets your juices flowing. The proverbial "zone." That place where you sit down at your desk (or where ever you work) and just lose track of time from all the productivity flyin' around.

So!? What does it for you? How do you find your productive/creative zone? Maybe you haven't found it yet. For me, it's music. I can normally have a TV going in the background but I find that I usually get distracted or something with that. Music really puts me in that place where I focus entirely on my tasks at hand.

Whether it's working on a social media project for a client or editing photos. If I get a nice, solid playlist going I end up nodding my head and pounding out work for what ends up being hours at a time. I'm doing it right now and I bet money that when I go to call it a night it will be a couple hours later than I expect it to be. It happens every time.

What type of music you ask? Well, I don't get all caught up in the 50 different names of a genre these days. Especially, when XM stations like Alt Nation are calling what they play on there, Alternative music. But that's a whole different conversation. Anyway! Pop Punk, Punk Rock, Metal, etc. That's what I get down to. I'll share my current favorite playlist tracks with you at the end of this article.

Music may be my source of productivity but, that doesn't mean it works for everyone. Who would have thought, right? Music may be completely off-putting for others productivity. I asked around in some social groups and found that a lot of people can only work in complete silence. I don't think I would be able to do that. My mind wanders way too much for silence to work for me.  But, if you are one of those that needs silence to get your work done, then cheers to you and keep it up!

We all have those creative zones that brings us the most productivity. Everyone is different and what applies to me, or applies to someone else, may not apply to you. If you're still having a hard time figuring out where your groove is and find yourself struggling, you gotta try new things. Experiment with music, silence, tv in the background, water fountains, anything that helps you find your zone. Give a new thing a try for about a week or so and see if you see a difference. Or try it less if you can tell within a couple days that it's just not working for you. Good luck and I hope you find your zone!

Alright, so I told you I'd share with you my favorite playlist right now and..right now it's more of an entire album. I can't stop jamming this album. If you've never listened to Neck Deep, I highly suggest this album. I provided the iTunes link below for you to buy or preview the songs. I'm going to work on providing you with more of my "productive playlists" in the future but for now..here you go!

Also, before I go! Follow M81 on social media and let me know what you think of this album, or share with me some things that helps you get in your zone! I'm always interested in learning!

Neck Deep - The Peace and The Panic

Neck Deep - The Peace and The Panic

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