The Adventure Series: Monster Energy Supercross - Tampa, Florida

The Adventure Series: Monster Energy Supercross - Tampa, Florida

March 19, 2018

Damn am I really behind on this one.Which is bad because I was really excited about it all. I would say that I just got busy and this particular article got pushed to the side for a couple weeks excuses! Let's dive into this Adventure Series.

So, after 19 years Supercross is back in Tampa! Upon looking at the track map and all that at the time, I was so pumped that the track had an actual sand section. Like...a legit sand section. It's Florida, it needed one and damn did they make it a big one. You could just tell that that section of the track was going to be the place to watch all afternoon.

I hope that they keep Tampa on the schedule for a long time. From a photo perspective, how can you hate a stadium with a damn pirate ship in it? Just adds a cool backdrop, especially with the pyro tendencies of Monster Energy Supercross.

I'll keep this post kind of short so I'll get to the good stuff now. Hope you enjoy the photos and keep your eyes peeled for new works and projects!

Justin Hill Tampa Supercross

Austin Forkner Tampa Supercross

Tampa Supercross Sand Section Battle

Chad Reed Tampa Supercross

Marvin Musquin Tampa Supercross

Monster Energy Supercross Tampa Florida

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